Calligrapher, Stonecutter, Journeyman, Nick Benson

1. My name is Nicholas Benson and I am the owner and operator of the John Stevens Shop, founded in 1705 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.


2. I spent one year as an undergrad at SUNY Purchase studying design, followed by an intensive 10 month program of foundational calligraphic, type design and general design
courses at the Kunst Gewerbeschule, Basel Switzerland. I then returned to Newport, resuming work as a journeyman with my father John Benson in The John Stevens Shop.


3. Broad edge brush on paper and stone, and mallet and chisel in slate, marble, limestone and granite.


4. Battery recharging occurs with Spotify and the execution of artistic calligraphic texts in a thread of process that is in contemplation of the ever evolving Information Age. These texts are carved into stone with mallet and chisel.


5. Had I not been an artisan / artist I would have been an actor.