6 lettering artists share development advice

I was asked by Rachel Elnar of TypeEd to answer a few questions about my work and process as a lettering artist. After submitting my responses I found out I was one of six lettering artists interviewed for a article for the Creative Circle blog. What a thrill to be part of this group of amazing artists: Danielle Evans, Erick Ortega, Jason Carne, Colin Tierney, and Joseph Alessio. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

‘For those learning to letter, Alex recommends finding a Letraset catalog from the 80s. “The catalog was a couple of inches thick, spiral-bound and loaded with typefaces. If a copy is available at a used bookstore, grab it! Also, look online at the lettering work that excites you, deconstruct it to see how it was created, then recreate it in your hand or style. Developing your style will take time, more than you might expect. Keep at it.”’


To read the full article and see pictures of the artists and their work please visit the Creative Circle blog.