The Tiny Masterworks of Dexca Muamar

At first glance the lettering designs Dexca Muamar created were high quality designs. Seriously, look the proportions! Amazing, right? Like many lettering artists he placed his tools and hand in the photo. Not remarkable until I realized his work was slightly larger than his fingertips. Can you believe the details he puts into his tiny masterpieces. I’m still in awe!

1. Your name and title/business name?

My name is Dexca Muamar RAZ (it can be shortened to Dexca MRAZ, I’m the lost brother from Jason Mraz maybe :P), currently under the name ‘dekedex.’

2. Do you have a specialty or special style that makes you relatively unique? If so, what?

I don’t really feel I have that “unique” style, but I’m in love with script and flourishes since actually I began with copperplate calligraphy at first. The way the letters connect are something special for me, and I can play with the flourish of course :D. And for now I feel more comfortable drawing at small scale. [It’s] usually at 3-4cm in width.


3. What’s your educational background, i.e., college, professional school, high school, apprenticeship, etc.?

Still struggling with final essay to get the bachelor title on Economic Development.
I know I know [it’s not] related at all [this] lettering stuff, so I don’t wanna talk about it. haha

4. Preferred tool(s) and medium?

I love [the] wooden pencil! I have used the mechanical pencil before but I can’t get the sharpness to what I want. I need it (the sharpness) for my artwork [because] my lettering pretty much [is] in small scale. The old ways seems more challenging for me :D. I also love oblique pen and some real brush.


5. Where or how do you “recharge your creative battery,” i.e., books, blogs, music, art, exercise, meditation, prayer, hobbies, interests, etc.?

Coffee and Music! I really like listening to some women singer lately especially North Folk songs, don’t know why but their voice sounds so soft and aaaaa it’s calmed me :D. Ah and I listen to some rap workout too sometimes 😀

Sometimes I just came through gag and design blog to refresh my thought and gain some inspiration.


6. Tell us something about you that might surprise or delight us.

hmmmm I’m such a moody person, whenever I’m not in good mood don’t touch me :P. When I’m in good mood, I can make 3-5 artwork in a day. Otherwise, I can do nothing in [a week] or more on art stuff hahaha *ironic

Ah and I have a big crush on dark art and flash tattoos. I did some flash tattoos illustration before but never [made] good progress so I [gave] up 😀

When Dexca returned his responses I thanked him. In the ‘thank you’ I stated,”You and other lettering artists I interviewed have other jobs or areas of interest outside of lettering. I wonder what drives us to make letters regardless of our other pursuits?”

Dexca replied, “I think letters is the way to reveal our thought about something that happens around us, like me, I like to [write] quotes [that reflects someone’s] incident/case. I rarely bring motivation quotes, i love the “truest” quotes that has an impact on us. Besides that, making letters kinda been therapy for me, you won’t get the “good letters” just by in short time, I love how we strive to pursuit it :)”


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