Words guide the lettering work of Joanna Muñoz

Fresh, sweet and lively, that’s how I describe the hand lettering work by Joanna Muñoz of Wink and Wonder. Her work has an easy swing and bounce that shows she’s a natural lettering artist. Joanna took time from her day job as a web designer to talk about her lettering work. Thanks, Joanna!

Your name and title/business name?

My name is Joanna Muñoz and I’m the letterer + designer behind Wink & Wonder.


Do you have a specialty or special style? How would you describe it?

I’d say that my speciality is hand-lettering. I’ve never tried to describe my own style, but I guess you can say it’s a mix of organic, fluid and whimsical. I often let the words and phrases I write dictate the structure and elements that I include in my pieces, which tend to give my work a looser, flowy feel.

What’s your educational background?

I graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. I originally wanted to illustrate children’s books and wanted nothing to do with the internet (which sounds CRAZY now), but every job I’ve had since graduating has been in web design. I’ve currently been employed at an interactive production agency for the past 8 years and have grown to really love it. I’ve learned a lot about typography, structure and attention to detail from this job and it’s definitely carried over into lettering.


Preferred tools and medium?

I typically carry around an Alvin Draft-Matic 0.5mm mechanical pencil, Papermate Tuff Stuff eraser stick and my favorite Tombow Fudenosuke soft tip brush pen. The Tombow has enough structure to allow for precise control but can be manipulated to achieve really great thick and thin lines as well. I love sketching in any kind of dot grid notebook and prefer to do most of my final drawings on layout bond paper.

Where or how do you “recharge your creative battery”?

I love traveling and listening to music, especially when I hit a creative rut. I enjoy going to unfamiliar places and exploring, or going on a road trip with no real agenda or laying on the beach with a book or my headphones in. I spend all of my full-time work hours on a computer and am often attached to my phone or back on the laptop at night. Breaking away from being plugged in feels freeing and helps me reset and get excited about my work all over again.


Tell us something about you that might surprise or delight us.

It might sound crazy but I play adult recreational dodgeball with my friends in my free time. It’s not quite like the movie Dodgeball, but it’s just as silly and fun. Los Angeles can be an especially difficult place to live (financially and socially) and I’m lucky to have stumbled across this sport at a time when I needed it most. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to meet people and make new friends. There’s zero skill required to play and it’s really easy to pick up. I even met my husband through dodgeball almost six years ago! It’s a fun way to exercise, manage stress and jump into a really great social atmosphere. We often go to a local bar afterwards to hang out after the games and I can happily say that I’ve met all of my closest friends through this silly sport.

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