In his own words, Alan Ariail

When I started this lettering blog in 2010, I asked lettering artists if they would letter their favorite quote. The original point of the blog was to create a community of lettering artists which would grow organically. Alan Ariail created a piece. He’s back to share his latest work and talk about a new development in his lettering career. Here’s Alan in his own words.

“FWIW, I took a long break from posting lettering online as I wanted to study pointed pen and brush techniques. This example was lettered with an oblique holder and Hunt 101 nib. After lettering it on a practice sheet of cheap ink jet paper I then scanned and cleaned it up digitally. Very easy to do that with everything on paper from the pointed nib first. No guessing. I am planning to letter a lot more of this style as it reminds me of what first inspired me back in the 70’s. Doubt this style has any commercial value at present as a vast majority of the food packaging world has the design it cheap with set type mindset.

The interesting thing that happened while studying with a master calligrapher in Chicago over the past couple years was learning how to make my own pens. This evolved into making my own stainless steel broad edge nibs which work like a brush. As a result most of the lettering I now produce is with brush and pen and the possibilities of new letterforms are endless. There is something about lettering on paper with traditional tools that can never happen with software. I love the feel of a nib when moving the tip over paper fibers. I am certain you already know this from all the lettering you have produced.”

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