Charles Borges on his typeface, Desire Rough and Ragged

I continue to admire the work of Charles Borges. Not only is he an amazing lettering artist he’s a prolific typeface designer. Charles talks about his latest release, Design Rough and Ragged.

1. What inspired you to create your font, Desire Rough and Ragged?

Desire Rough and Ragged was made to test out my new Adobe Illustrator actions called Rough it! I wanted to see how it would work on a typeface. I made Desire because I thought it would be neat to have a font that gave the designer so many options for each letter. It’s like a toolbox of letters for a designer. I believe there are over 30 different capital E’s in Desire.


2. Would you walk us through the process of creating the characters?

The original Desire characters were made mostly on the computer. I drew some of the problem letters because I am more comfortable doing it that way. The flourishes were drawn on paper and then scanned in and made into vector.


3. How many typefaces have you created?

Currently I have 17 typefaces. I am working on a new script font that I am really excited about. I do not have anything to show at the moment but should have some samples here in the near future.

Video – how to use Desire / Shop for DesireCharles’ website